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Romanian Patriarch Daniel welcomed the relics of Saint Gregory Palamas ( 02.05.2009 )

The relics of Saint Gregory Palamas, which has been brought by the Metropolitan of Veria, Panteleimon, were exhibited to worship at the Patriarchy Cathedral in Bucharest, Romania.

Patriarch Daniel took the delivery of the relics, accompanied by his Vicar Bishop Vicente from Ploesti, after they have celebrated a Divine Liturgy. The relics of the great Orthodox saint Gregory Palamas will stay for devotion today also, at the chapel dedicated to him at the Polytechnic Faculty in Bucharest, and will be moved at the Eparchy of Lower Danube, after. They will be exhibited in the Bishopric Cathedral in Galats. The relics were delivered to Romania under the initiative of the Romanian Patriarch Daniel, and the Bishop of the Low Danube Eparchy, Cassian. The worship of the Holy relics of Saint Gregory Palamas comes in the occasion of the celebration of 650 years of the foundation of the Diocese of the Metropolitan of Vlachia, and in the occasion of 650 years from the death of the Holy Archbishop of Thessalonica, Saint Gregory Palamas.               

 Source: Двери.бг