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Romanian Patriarch Daniel has met the Archbishop Volkolamskiy Hilarion from the Russian Church ( 06.05.2009 )

Romanian Patriarch Daniel has met the President of the Foreign Church Affairs Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, the Archbishop Volkolamskiy Hilarion at May the 5th in the patriarchy castle in Bucharest. Archbishop Hilarion is in visit of Romania by blessing of the Russian Patriarch Cyril, as a President of delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church for theological consultations with the representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Archbishop Hilarion expressed the brother’s good wishes on behalf of the Russian Patriarch Cyril to the Romanian Patriarch Daniel. In their frankly talks, they have considered various issues concerning the inter-church relations between the two sides.

The Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia Irenaeus, Bishop Cyprian – vicar of the Romanian Patriarch, the deputy president of the Foreign Church Affairs Department of the Moscow Patriarchy archpriest Nikolai Balashov, Professor of the Moscow Spiritual Academy archpriest Vladimir Cipin, the chancellor of the Romanian Patriarch Michael Tica, and the deacon Eugene Rogoti took presence on the meeting.

Patriarch Daniel organised a festive lunch in this occasion, in which professor archpriest Nikolai Dura and professor Alexander Stan were present as well.



Source: Патриархиа.ру