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Russian Patriarch Cyril celebrated a Divine Liturgy at the Butovskii Polygon ( 23.05.2009 )

At May the 23rd, the feast of the Holy Russian Confessors and New-Martyrs, who endured in Butovo, according to the instituted tradition, a Patriarchy Service has been celebrated. His Holiness, Patriarch Cyril, the sixteenth Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, has celebrated the first outdoor Divine Liturgy at the Butovo Polygon.

Russian Patriarch Cyril accented that only at the Polygon Butovo there are the more Holy Martyrs from all the Martyrs of all Local Orthodox Churches. “If we just imagine that number, we will understand how big the triumph of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th century was. What we know that in the politics terminology the word “genocide” is often used. It’s a horrifying word, which means an extermination of a whole people. We have never used this word in our Church vocabulary, but whenever we mention the victimising of the Russian Orthodox Church, the meaning of the word reflects what really happened. Our Church was almost totally terminated physically. That was a complete demonstration of the human’s malice, injustice, in a word, that was the kingdom of evil.”

”Who could even think in that period that the time would come when Festive and Divine services to God would be served by all these graves? Only by such a thought, the persecutors would stay deaf. So, isn’t this a proof, that everything what happened then, only confirms the power of our God, and the final victory of the Risen Jesus Christ?” – stated at the end Patriarch Cyril.














Source: Патриархиа.ру