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The Fourth Pre-Assembly Whole Orthodox Conference Completed ( 13.06.2009 )

The Fourth Pre-Assembly Whole-Orthodox Conference has been brought to end yesterday evening. It was opened last Sunday, on the Week of Pentecost with an Hierarch’s Holy Liturgy in the temple of Holy Apostle Paul of the Orthodox Centre of the Constantinople’s Patriarchate in the Geneva’s suburb Shambesi, continuing in accordance to the scheduled programme in the following five working days.

The principles of the diaspora’s organisation out of the canonical territories of the local Autocephalous Orthodox Churches all over the world, such as the Regulations about the activity of the assemblies (synods) in the 12 certain regions in all the continents, has been finally considered and determined.

These documents have been arranged at the inter-orthodox preparation commissions since 1990, 1993 and 1995, and they should be brought to decision at the Pre-Assembly Conference as complete documents for the Holy Ecumenical Assembly of the Orthodox Church in the year of 1999.

But the conflict between the Russian and the Constantinople’s Patriarchate then, caused by the forming of Church of Estonia rendered inoperative the organisation of such conference.


It became possible and real now, ten years after the events described above. Twenty-six delegates and twelve high level priests from 14 autocephalous Orthodox Churches took their presence on this conference. It happened for the first time that the delegates of the autocephalous Estonian and Finish Churches haven’t been invited.


Source: Дверибг.нет