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Scientific Conference titled “The Cultural Inheritance of the Rila Monastery” in Sofia ( 21.06.2009 )

A Scientific conference “The Cultural inheritance of the Monastery Rila – condition and perspective of research, protection and restoration” organised by the Institute of Art of the Bulgarian Academy in cooperation with the National Library “Saint Cyril and Methodius”, will take place in the days between 23 and 25th of June, 2009.


This festivity comes in the occasion of the 540-year anniversary of the homecoming of the relics of Saint John from Rila, in the Rila Monastery. It happened on the First of July 1469, and inspired the Bulgarian artists and Icon painters to create various imaginative works, which have respectable position in the cultural history of Bulgaria.


The conference is a part of the project “Musical-manuscripts heritage of the Rila Monastery; Slav music manuscripts – digitalisation and research” – under protection of the Ministry of Science and Education. Musicologists, Philologists, Artists, and Theologians will take presence in the project.


The great function of the Rila Monastery in the Bulgarian history, as well as in the history of the other orthodox nations and of the Mount of Athos is well known. However, some parts of the cultural creativity works on the walls of this Holy Monastery haven’t been explored enough. The cultural inheritance of the Rila Monastery will be researched on the Conference from different aspects, such as historical, philological, musical, fine arts aspect, architectural, pedagogical and other aspects, as well. 


During the Conference, an exhibition named “Slav Musical Manuscripts in the Rila Monastery” will be opened in the National Library “Saint Cyril and Methodius.” Posters of Music manuscripts and original Rila’s music manuscripts from the National Library will be exhibited.


Also, a concert of Orthodox music in which the works of Rila’s authors and Mr. Peter Dinev will be performed in cooperation with the “Music of the Christians” music association.