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The first Georgian audio version of Holy Bible took place in Tbilisi ( 23.06.2009 )

Presentation of the first audio version of the Holy Bible took place in Tbilisi in Georgia. It happened in the book store “BIBLUS”, so that the trade net of this chain of book stores got the exclusive right to sale this edition.


This audio version of the Bible has been prepared for edition for three years. Patriarch Ilya (Elias) the Second, the head of Georgian Church called this event “the project of the century”.


Metropolitan from Ahalacia and Tao-Clargetia Theodor expressed the gratefulness to the group of authors, on behalf of the Georgian Orthodox Church.


This edition – he said – gives the opportunity to listen the Word of God to all those who are not in a position to read it from one reason or another.


The price of fifty one CD’s of the edition is around 85 USD (135 Georgian Larry’s) .


Source: Патриархиа.ру