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Head of Russian Orthodox Church Abroad visited South Korea ( 24.06.2009 )

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Metropolitan of New York and east America Hilarion is now in a visit of South Korea.


The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad has its Mission in South Korea, and the founder of such mission is the archpriest Justin Kang, who carried for many years the task of preaching the word of God in Korea, and the translation of the church books and the deeds of the Holy Fathers of the Church in Korean language, and to teaching about the Orthodox religion, as well.


Father Justin, as well as his mother Helena have decided to devote their lives to the monastic struggle, so that Metropolitan Hilarion is going to perform their tonsure during his visit to North Korea. Metropolitan will also ordain deacon Paul Kang in a rank of priest, who will be heading the Mission in South Korea.


Source: Благовест-инфо