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Orthodox motorcyclists to deliver particles from the relics of Holy Saints Peter and Fevronia from Murom to Jaroslav’s Diocese ( 26.06.2009 )

Today, at June 26th a motorcycle’s religious procession on from Jaroslav through Murom to Pereslav, where the participants will deliver the Icon with particles of the relics of Saint Peter and Fevronia – the Heaven Patrons of the Family, from the Vladimirskaya Diocese to Jaroslav’s Diocese .

At June the 27th this sanctity will be presented in Pereslav, Borisoglebsk, Rostov, Gavrilov-Yamak and Jaroslav – announced «Интерфакс-религия».

At July the 7th, the sacredness will be delivered to the Assumption and Annunciation Church in Jaroslav, where the Icon with the particles of the relics of St. Peter and Fevronia will be permanently placed.

A day after, the monument of Saint Peter and Fevronia will be festively discovered in the city -  announces the official site of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Last year, at the day of July the 8th, the memory of the holy dukes of Murom, got the position as the official Day of the Family, Love and Faithfulness, in Russia, and leader of the Organisational Committee was the wife of Russian President, Mrs. Svetlana Medvedeva.