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An underground Monastery discovered in Israel ( 26.06.2009 )


At June 21st, archaeologists from the University in Haifa proclaimed that they have discovered a unique by dimensions underground cave from the time of Lord Jesus Christ, which, according to them was acting as a monastery in the period of five hundred years. The cave is placed in the Valley of Jordan, about 40 kilometres from Jericho, ten metres under the ground and with a surface of four thousand square metres. The main room is high three metres, and twenty stone posts are holding the ceiling. There are notions with Christian symbols on the walls, including crosses, which according to the archaeologists, date from 350 year AD. The manager of the excavation works, Professor Adam Zertaal, believes that the cave may become one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the Holy Land. Professor Zertaal presumes that in a fact the place is marked as Galgalla in the most ancient preserved mosaic map of the Holy Lands – the so-called Maddva. This map was created in 560-565 AD and was discovered on the floor of the church in the city of Maddva in Jordan, in the year 1884.



Source: Дверибг.нет