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Bulgarian Orthodox Church cancels presence at the Theologian Orthodox-Catholic dialogue ( 10.07.2009 )

The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church have decided to permanently stop their presence at the Mixed Commission for Theologian dialogue between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church, at the session held at July the 8th. The reason for such decision according to Bulgarian Archpriests is “that all recent meetings and theologian dialogues between Orthodox and Roman-Catholics haven’t brought closer to any minimal bringing near of the Roman-Catholic dogma to the Orthodox Religion.” Therefore, Bulgarian Orthodox Church is not going top send their representative to the next coming meeting of the Mixed Commission, which is taking place in Cyprus in the days of 16-23 of October 2009. Holy Synod declares such presence of the BOC as needless. The Holy synod is ready do give their contribution in consideration of social and other civil relationships.”         

Source: The Official Web-site of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church