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The Holy Community of the Mount of Athos about the dialogue with Roman Catholics ( 06.10.2009 )

The Holy Community of the Mount of Athos evaluated their official position concerning the Conference of the Mixed Commission for Theological dialogue among the Orthodox and Roman Catholics on Cyprus.


1.     The Mount of Athos, was with the Grace of Christ, the faithful protector of the Holy Orthodox faith through centuries, which God’s Preachers – the Apostles have given to our Church, and our God–bearing Fathers with the Holy Ecumenical councils have kept it safe through the centuries. This Tradition has been faithfully saved by our entire ancestors - Athonite Fathers.


2.     As we’ve been informed that the subject “The role of the Bishop of Rome in the communion of the Churches in the First Millennium” is to be discussed at the Conference of the Mixed International Commission for Theological dialogue among the Orthodox Church and the Roman-Catholics, which will soon take place on Cyprus, and not acknowledged with the exact list of the subjects at the conference, our Holy Community expresses accented upset and concern, because the discussion will go in direction of the Primacy of the Pope, before the pontifficate to reject its heretical doctrines and its secular character (the state of Vatican). The only assumption the subject to be discussed is the come back of the Roman-Catholics in the Orthodox faith, and in the synodal life of the Orthodox Church, but not “the unity of differences” in the religious dogmas.


3.    “The Orthodox Church itself is unique One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church” – as the Ecumenical Patriarch, His Beatitude Bartholomew stated in the temple of the Protaton at the day of August, 21st, 2009 while visiting the Mount of Athos. We do believe eternally in this truth, and we’ll solemnly stay behind all that our Holy Fathers have been preaching and proclaiming.