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Euthanasia is a man made crime ( 11.11.2009 )

The President of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Moscow Patriarchy, Archbishop Volkolamskii HE Hillarion, while contributing at the TV production under the subject “Church and the world”, answered some questions concerning medical care.

In particular, HE Hillarion commented information coming from the news agencies about the intention of the Switzerland authorities to restrict the law that allows euthanasia in the country.

“Euthanasia is a man made crime, against humanity itself and against the society. From the Christian viewpoint, neither birth nor death depends on humans. We shall die as God calls us. If man ends his life unnaturally or before it is time for that, than it certainly means that does not believe in the life after death and doesn’t take the responsibility about his deeds. As not prepared internally about such passover, the man leaves this life not with prayer, but full of bitterness and disappointment”.

Archbishop Hillarion accented that euthanasia, which is permitted in one whole country, confirms in a fact the completeness of the spiritual disease there.

Also, according to father Hillarion, the promotion and propaganda in favour of the euthanasia may become a lethal state ideology, as soon as the population of elder people start growing, and becomes a problem for the above mentioned country.

“We do not agree at all, that man has right to commit murder in any form, no matter if it is an embryo, or a matured  human being who is ill from some reason”, stated Archbishop Hillarion.

Answering the question about the recently spread flu epidemic, Archbishop Hillarion appealed people to resort to the help of Church, as just because of his illness man needs a healer, and not only physical but spiritual too.

At the end, Archbishop Hillarion accented that going to Church, and being with the Church never been harmful for anybody, opposite, taking the Communion with the Holy Mysteries may only be a source of healing, not of any illness”.


Source: Romfea