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Ukraine Church admits the separation from Moscow Patriarchy to be useless ( 01.12.2009 )

The Church of Ukraine has confirmed its unchanged canonical status, established in the Constitution of the Russian Orthodox Church, which took place on the General Assembly in January this year.

“We do consider any reconsideration of the existing canonical status of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church would not be of assistance to the church life. We therefore, advise our congregation that our Ukrainian Orthodox Church is an integral part of the Russian Orthodox Church, and therefore we accent that our Church has the privilege of wide spread autonomy rights, so that our Church is self managed, as it is declared in the Constitution of the Russian Orthodox Church” – was directed in the announcement of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the faithful people of Ukraine, and such announcement has been decided at the last meeting in the Kiev-Pechersk lavra.

In a fact, as it is noticed in the communiqué, “the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is united with the Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, through the Russian Orthodox Church”. It resides in unity with the Ecumenical Orthodoxy, exactly through the prayer and canonical connection with the fullness of the Russian Orthodox Church.”

In this manner, the Synod of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, considers its current status as “optimal from the point of view of the saving mission in the contemporary Ukrainian State.” In the same way, the aim of the planned dialogue of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church with non-canonical church groups, is not “a desire for canonical separation from the fullness of Russian Orthodox Church, but an aspiration to Church Unity establishment” – as it was announcement in this document.

“The dialogue – it is not an excuse for any schism, and it is not a concession to those insisting to dialogue, but a form of testimony about the graceful fullness of the church life of the Canonical Orthodoxy” – stated the Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church                  


Source: Двери.бг