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Announcement for Church calendar changes in Bulgaria ( 03.12.2009 )

According to some information, the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria could decide to return the Julian calendar, which means that Christmas will be celebrated at January the 7th, instead of currently accepted date of 25th of December. Some older archpriests explained that it may happen that Bulgaria would celebrate Christmas at 25th of December for the last time in 2009, in case Bulgarian Church abandons the Gregorian calendar.

At December 20th, 2009, the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church should hold a meeting to consider the request of a group of faithful people and their priest from the village Chelopecane, who expressed their will to celebrate Christmas Holiday at 7th of January. This request has been submitted at 20th of November 2009.

The local priest Mario Dimitrov served the Church calendar in the last 20 years in accordance to the Julian calendar in his parish, with a special permission given by the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim.

Those who have submitted the request, reminded to a similar case from 1997, when the return to Julian calendar got the support of five bishops.    


Source: Romfea