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Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God turned a circle in the space around the Earth ( 05.12.2009 )

An extraordinary circle in space around the planet Earth of the Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God “Znamenie” has been done - reported Interfax. At September the 30th, the space ship “Soyuz TMA-16” took off from the Baykonur Space Centre in Kazakhstan, delivering the Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God to the International Space Station.

This round ended at 11th of October. The Icon turned 176 circles in the space around Earth. Space ship “Soyuz TMA-16” brought the Icon back to the Earth.

The Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God “The Omen” (“The Portent”) will be exhibited in the Whole-Russian Exhibition Centre in the days between 8th and 14th of December. The visitors interested, may be acknowledged with video and photo stories from the space round.

The project has been realised with a blessing from the Russian Patriarch Cyril, supported by the Foundation “Saint Andrei the First-Called”, and by the Russian rocket-space corporation “Energy”.

Four years ago, Icon of the Holy–Transfiguration Valaham Monastery has been sent in the space also. During its two months residing on the Space Station, it circled the Earth about one thousand times, together with the astronaut Vladimir Krikalov.


Source: Православие.бг