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Orthodox businessmen from Russia obtained their Heavenly Patron ( 07.12.2009 )

Venerable Joseph Volotskii was affirmed as Heavenly Protector of the Orthodox economy and management in Russia.

The Council of experts “Economy and Ethics” initiated the request to Russian Patriarch Cyril to nominate a Heavenly Patron of the economic activity. On the other hand, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril, blessed this initiative – reported his Press-service last Monday.

At the end of October, the Head of ROC has visited the Joseph-Volotskii Monastery in Moscow region. During the visit, Patriarch Cyril has spoken about Saint Joseph Volotskii: “He was deeply persuaded that it would be necessary for the Church to create a centre of attention for financial resources, and such funds to be transferred to the people. Saint Joseph regarded the Church as an extraordinary instrument for handing of the national prosperities from rich to the poor ones. So, all accusations that Saint Joseph was covetous were false”.

Saint Joseph Volotskii (1440 – 1515) entered the history as a devoted follower and supporter of the Orthodoxy; he was a dedicated protector of the Church and State unity in the fight against heresy and church schisms, one of those who encouraged the theory that Holy Russia was the receiver and custodian of the ancient Ecumenical boon.

His activity in economic field is also well known, because it was aimed to strengthen the Church authority in public works, and in widening the financial aptitude of Church, in order it would be proficient to make charitable deeds to the people.

In 2015, would be the reminiscence of five hundred years from his death.


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