The prosphoron is prepared (knead) with prayer. During the preparation of the prosphoron pray with the Jesus prayer: Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us, since in the holy Liturgy the proshoron will become the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prosphoron (Altar Bread)

5 cups flour, 2 cups lukewarm water, 1 teaspoon salt
1 cube compressed yeast, seal


Dissolve the yeast in ½ cup of lukewarm water, the same as it is prepared for ordinary bread. In a basin put some flour, and in it make a small well for the salt. Mix it thoroughly with the flour and add the dissolved yeast. Little by little pour in the rest of the water, and then knead the dough for some longer time taking care it is firm enough.


Divide the dough into 5 equal parts. From each of them make a prosphoron in the following way:
Knead the dough. Flour the pastry board and then pull some from the dough by rolling it through the palms upward. Then at the middle of thus acquired shape, thin the dough by twisting it between the little fingers of both palms, through which two connected and yet separate halves are acquired. One on top of the other, in a shape of a discus, press them with the inner side of the palm, not with the fingers. Make a round shape, as much as possible correct, of both parts together. Then turn the posphoron and once more smoothen the bottom part. Now once again put a little flour on the pastry board and place the prosphoron in the previous position with the bottom part lying in the flour. Smoothen the upper surface with the palm and press the seal carefully. While doing all this, say the prayer inaudibly or in a low voice, with attention.

Place the prosphora in a floured baking pan used specially for this purpose. Bake them in a previously well heated oven, at a temperature of 150°C, for about an hour.
Kneading prosphora is a part of the Holy Tradition of the Orthodox Church that is handed over personally. So, the correct kneading of prosphora is learnt the best from someone who has already been doing it or in a monastery.