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In Kharkov the exhibition “Orthodox Ukraine” opens again ( 08.04.2006 )

the exhibition “Orthodox Ukraine” is under way in Kharkov, at which participate representatives of churches, monasteries, publishing houses and craft workshops from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Serbia.

According to The Evening Kharkov reports, despite the poor advertisement, the citizens have shown great interest for the exhibition from the first day of its opening.

The first exhibition entitled “Orthodox Ukraine” in Kharkov was staged recently, in December last year, before the feast of Christ’s Nativity.

Among the participants at the exhibition this time there is a great number of representatives from the western Ukrainian monasteries. Three of them are from the Rivne County: the monastery of the Volin icon of the Mother of God, the Belevskiy monastery of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, and the Goshcha monastery of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos. The nuns of the latter have brought with them a reproduction of the old icon of the Mother of God “Compassion”, which had been consecrated at the time of Metropolitan Peter Mogila. The exhibition unites the Orthodox brothers and sisters of the neighboring fraternal countries—Russia and Belarus.

The Serbian Orthodox Church at the Kharkov exhibition is represented with the products of the factory “Serbian tradition”—silver icons, medallions, candleholders and church bells.

The exhibition is admission free and will run until the end of this week.