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Delegation of the Constantinople’s Patriarchy to visit Vatican ( 25.06.2009 )

A delegation of the Patriarchy of Constantinople will take presence at the celebration of the holiday of Holy Saints Peter and Paul in Vatican.

Every year at June, the 29th, Patriarch of Constantinople sends his delegation in Rome, while at November the 20th, Pope is sending his representatives in Istanbul at the Holiday of St. Andrew the First Called Apostle . The tradition dates since 1969, as the President for Christian Unity in the Council of Vatican was Cardinal Johannes Wildebrandts.

This year, Metropolitan Emanuel (Adamakis) of France will lead the delegation of the Patriarchy of Constantinople. Metropolitan Emanuel is the managing director of the Representative Office of the Orthodox Church in EU. The Archbishop of Synopsis Atinagora, assistant of the Metropolitan of Belgium and the Priest Joachim Billis from Fanaar will be members of the delegation as well.


Source: Патриархиа.ру