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Session of the Hierarch’s Assembly of the Greek Orthodox Church ( 21.10.2009 )

The Hierarch’s Assembly of the Church of Greece, at their conference meeting in the afternoon of 15th October 2009, after the proposal of His Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, HE Ieronymos, discussed the matter of the dialogue between Orthodoxies and the Roman Catholics.











The following positions have been formulated at the discussion:


1.       The requirement for further more completed informing of the Hierarch’s Assembly concerning these valuable issues has been ascertained. It has been declared that from now on, the Hierarch’s Assembly will be informed about all the phases of the Dialogue, otherwise neither text is obligative for the Church. After all, this is what the Synodal way of life of Orthodox Church prescribes.

2.       The Dialogue should be continued, but in Orthodox ecclesiastical and canonical frames, always in consultation with the Ecumenical Patriarchate, as it was whole-Orthodoxy decided.

3.       The representatives of our Church, in this particular Dialogue have clear knowledge of the Orthodox Theology, Ecclesiology and of the Church Tradition and they submit all of their strength and knowledge to the aim of the “unity of all” in “Truth” and in the necessary theologian frames and decisions of the Whole-Orthodox Conferences.

4.       The text from the Ravenna Conference and the text that should be discussed at Cyprus carry the character of a report, and they have to be approved by the Local Autocephaly Churches, consequently the Church of Greece, as well. This means in fact, that there will not be any finished events without the Synod’s Decision of the Hierarch’s Assembly. Hierarchs are the guardsmen of the Orthodox Tradition, just as they confessed as they have been ordained in a rank of a Hierarch.

5.       Concerning the text regarding the priority of the Roman pope in the first millennium, and which will be constructed in the next days in Cyprus, the representatives of our Church have been directed in the final text to be written the canonical position of the primacy of the Roman pope in the first millennium related to the Ecumenical Assemblies, and with a particular review of the 30. Canon of the Second Ecumenical Assembly, and of the 28. Canon of the Fourth Ecumenical Assembly.

6.       The Hierarch’s Assembly of the Church of Greece is following and will continue to follow the issue of the Dialogue of the Orthodox Church with foreign religions, therefore the text “Confession of the Faith” is considered by the Church, to be superfluous.


The Assembly appeals to the faithful people to have confidence in their Shepards and to avoid any activity that may cause additional problems.