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The Orthodox Church of America took in protection five thousand baptised Indians recently ( 19.12.2009 )

The Orthodox Church in America, which unites more than seven hundred parishes from Mexico, USA and Canada, took of late in protection five thousand baptised Indians.

Soon, many thousands citizens of Guatemala who want to be converted in Orthodoxy will join the Orthodox Church of America – stated Metropolitan of America and Canada Jonah (OCA), in his interview given to  

Metropolitan Jonah also accented: “Most of the Guatemalans who plan to receive the Orthodoxy belong to the people of Mayas”.

“If we accept these citizens of Guatemala, such as the representatives of the native population of the other countries of Latin America, in this case the Indians may easily become the leading ethnic group of the American Orthodox Church. I would be personally happy this to happen” – continued Metropolitan Jonah.

Metropolitan Jonah asserted also that the Catholic Church rapidly looses its influence in South America, and the main reason for that is their close relationship with the higher class (the political establishment) of the society there.

“One big part of the poorer people, which is the majority of the population in the region, are disappointed of the Catholic Pastors (Priests), so they joined the Protestants, Mormons and some other heretics” – explained further on Metropolitan Jonah.

Finally, speaking about the Orthodox Indians in America, Metropolitan Jonah fixed that it may happen soon, a Congress of the Orthodox Indians to be held in Alaska.