News and events

Statement by the US President on the Occasion of Orthodox Easter 04.05.2013

Archbishop Tikhon Elected as the New Primate of Orthodox Church in America 14.11.2012

St. Catherine’s monastery on Sinai 0106.2011


Pascha 2011 20.05.2011

Beirut, Lebanon

Christ is Risen! Христос воскресе! Hristos a înviat! Χριστός Ανέστη! 25.04.2011

A Paschal Message

8th Century Church Beneath the 'Atlantis' of Lake Kremasta 04.02.2011

The Russian Orthodox Church receives land parcel in Cyprus for church construction 25.11.2010

After more than 557 years the Divine Liturgy in Saint Sophia in Istanbul will be celebrated again 08.05.2010

Councillors of Skopje received by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew 20.03.2010

Archbishop Hilarion arrives in Thailan 21.12.2009

The Orthodox Church of America took in protection five thousand baptised Indians recently 19.12.2009

Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew celebrated Supplicatory Service in presence of Russian pilgrims 18.12.2009

Inter-Orthodox Preparatory Commission completes its work 16.12.2009

New Orthodox Temple in Japan 16.12.2009

The Inter-orthodox preparation commission works in vain 15.12.2009

Moscow Patriarchy not willing to continue the dialogue with the Evangelistic Church of Germany in the preceding outline 12.12.2009

The work of the Inter-Orthodox Preparation Commission for Whole-Orthodox Assembly begins in Shambezi (Switzerland) 07.12.2009

Patriarch of Alexandria Theodore visits Greece 08.12.2009

Orthodox businessmen from Russia obtained their Heavenly Patron 07.12.2009

Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God turned a circle in the space around the Earth 05.12.2009

Official Church Calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church published on internet 04.12.2009

Announcement for Church calendar changes in Bulgaria 03.12.2009

The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church didn’t accept the resignation request of the Metropolitan of the United States, Canada and Australia Joseph 02.12.2009

Ukraine Church admits the separation from Moscow Patriarchy to be useless 01.12.2009

The Church of Jerusalem canonised New Martyr Archimandrite Philemon 30.11.2009

Euthanasia is a man made crime 11.11.2009

Patriarch of Alexandria visited Albania 07.11.2009

Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim celebrates 95th birthday 30.10.2009

Archbishop Volkolamskii Hillarion met the Head of the Cyprus Orthodox Church 25.10.2009

Announcement from the eleventh meeting of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church 22.10.2009

The meeting for Cyprus Theologian Dialogue started with protests 21.10.2009

Session of the Hierarch’s Assembly of the Greek Orthodox Church 21.10.2009

Concerning the Dialogue between Orthodoxies and the Roman Catholics

No meeting between Patriarch Cyril and the Pope was organised 08.10.2009

The Patriarchate of Constantinople appraise the Metropolitan of Kiev Vladimir to be a spiritual leader of Orthodox Ukrainians 07.10.2009

The Holy Community of the Mount of Athos about the dialogue with Roman Catholics 06.10.2009

The Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God “Portent” (“Znamenie”) brought to Kursk 05.10.2009

Moscow Patriarchаate on a new official web-site 24.09.2009

Visit of the Archbishop Volkolamskii Hillarion to the Mount of Athos 11.08.2009

Visit of the Archbishop Volkolamskii Hillarion to the Holy Epistasia on the Mount of Athos 11.08.2009

Angel Seraphim in mosaic discovered in the St. Sofia Church in Constantinople 27.07.2009

Romanian Patriarch received Honoured Doctor Degree of the Theologian Institute “Saint Sergey” in Paris 13-07-2009

Press Conference in “Interfax” Agency, regarding the results of the visit of Russian Patriarch Cyril to the Patriarchy of Constantinople and Ankara (Turkey) 10.07.2009

Bulgarian Orthodox Church cancels presence at the Theologian Orthodox-Catholic dialogue 10.07.2009

Turkey brought Resolution to open the Theologian School on the Island of Chalki 10.07.2009

Russian Patriarch Cyril met President Barack Obama 09.07.2009

Patriarchs Bartholomew and Cyril co-celebrated service in the temple of St. George in Istanbul 08.07.2009

Funeral of Blessed Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi: A Smile From Eternity 04.07.2009

Russian Patriarch Cyril received a delegation of the Georgian Orthodox Church 03.07.2009

Elder Joseph Vatopedski passed away 01.07.2009

Georgian Patriarch Ilya the Second visited the Monastery complex in construction, placed on the border between Georgia and Russia 28.06.2009

An underground Monastery discovered in Israel 26.06.2009

Orthodox motorcyclists to deliver particles from the relics of Holy Saints Peter and Fevronia from Murom to Jaroslav’s Diocese 26.06.2009

Delegation of the Constantinople’s Patriarchy to visit Vatican 25.06.2009

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Abroad visited South Korea 24.06.2009

The first Georgian audio version of Holy Bible took place in Tbilisi 23.06.2009

The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church arranged meeting 22.06.2009

Scientific Conference titled “The Cultural Inheritance of the Rila Monastery” in Sofia 21.06.2009

New Official Web-site of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church 16.06.2009

The Apostles' Fast 15.06.2009

New Administrator of Mount of Athos appointed 15.06.2009

Decisions of the IV Whole-Orthodox Pre-assembly Session 14.06.2009

The Fourth Pre-Assembly Whole Orthodox Conference Completed 13.06.2009

Pre-Assembly Whole-Orthodox Conference in Shambesi 11.06.2009

Romanian Patriarch visited Constantinople 02.06.2009

Preparatory Sessions for Ecumenical Assembly 01.06.2009

Russian Patriarch Cyril celebrated a Divine Liturgy at the Butovskii Polygon 23.05.2009

On the day of the Holy Russian Confessors and New-Martyrs

President of Russia Dmitrii Medvedev have met the custodian of the Vatoped Monastery from Mount of Athos 23.05.2009

The President of Ukraine visited the Patriarch of Constantinople 22.05.2009

A possibility of establishing a Church facility and a Cultural-informative centre of the Patriarchy of Constantinople in Ukraine has been taken in consideration on the meeting

Church from the eleventh century in Nesebar (Bulgaria) reopened for faithful people 20.05.2009

Archbishop Volokolamskii Hillarion have met the Patriarch of Antioch Ignatius 20.05.2009

The Constantinople Patriarch under hospital treatment 14.05.2009

Romanian Patriarch Daniel has met the Archbishop Volkolamskiy Hilarion from the Russian Church 06.05.2009

Patriarch Kirill to meet with 5,000 young people at a stadium 05.05.2009

Romanian Patriarch Daniel welcomed the relics of Saint Gregory Palamas 02.05.2009

Studying of Religion Science in the times of self-destruction 30.04.2009

Archbishop Volkolamskii Hilarion Alfeev

The first romanian orthodox church to be built in Italy 29.04.2009

Patriarch Kirill urges Orthodox Church in America to active missionary work 29.04.2009

Church and the Government of Georgia have signed Agreement of Cooperation 28.04.2009

Addressing to the faithful of the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew 27.04.2009

The Russian Patriarch Cyril promoted the president of the Foreign Church affairs Department, Bishop Volkolamskii, Hilarion in a rank of Archbishop 24.04.2009

His Holiness Patriarch Cyril celebrated Pascha in the cathedral of the Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour 23.04.2009

Addressings of the Heads of the Local Orthodox Churches to the faithful 22.04.2009

Greek Archbishop Ieronymos in a company of two thousand homeless people for Easter 21.04.2009

The Holy Flame came down to the Grave of God in Jerusalem 19.04.2009

Patriarch Cyril has visited the headquarters of the “” web portal 16.04.2009

His Holiness Patriarch Cyril for the first time celebrated Supplication before the act of preparing the Myrrh 14.04.2009

Russian Patriarch Cyril celebrated a Divine Liturgy at the Annunciation cathedral in Kremlin in the occasion of the feast of Annunciation 09.04.2009

Exhibition of relics from the Mount of Athos for the first time opened in Paris 09.04.2009

Exhibition dedicated to the tradition of Hesychasm in Hong Kong 09.04.2009

Russian Patriarch Cyril saluted the residents in Stavropegial Monastery of St. John in Karpovka 03.04.2009

Russian Church suggests using Internet to promote positive ideals 02.04.2009

Theology to become obliged subject in Greek schools 01.04.2009

The meeting between President Barak Obama and the Patriarch of Constantinople appears to be delayed 01.04.2009

Bishop of Vienna and Austria Hilarion designated as the President of the Foreign Affairs Department in the Moscow Patriarchate 31.03.2009

First Divine Liturgy served entirely in English at St Catherine the Great Martyr Church 29.03.2009

A Monastery dedicated to Holy Patriarch Ambrose was established in the area of Tbilisi 28.03.2009

Metropolitan Jonah of All America and Canada will visit Russia 27.03.2009

Americans show increased interest for the Russian New-Martyrs and Confessors 26.03.2009

British Museum finds relics of 39 saints after 100 years 26.03.2009

Discovery made by curator when 12th-century German portable altar was opened for the first time

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates its Autocephaly 25.03.2009

Preparations for convening of grand pan-Orthodox synod 24.03.2009

Monastic tonsure of 18 novices from the Diveevo Monastery in Russia 21.03.2009

Russian Orthodox Church to establish a TV channel 21.03.2009

The Head of Czech and Slovakian Orthodox Church to visit Jerusalem 18.03.2009

Georgian Patriarch Elijah II once in a week to meet with young people 17.03.2009

33 years anniversary of the ordination of the Russian Patriarch in Bishop’s rank 16.03.2009

Orthodox Priests served a Liturgy, for the first time in the capital of Vietnam 13.03.2009

Anxiety Dominates in Greece and the World 11.03.2009

“Daily Greek” asks Elder Ephraim from the Monastery of Arizona

Patriarch Kirill to visit local Orthodox Churches in accordance with the service list of Primates 11.03.2009

The relics of Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker Bishop of Tremithus to be transferred to Ukraine 10.03.2009

Georgian Orthodox Church is the most influential institution in the country 09.03.2009

Celebration of 8th of March in the Orthodox Church 07.03.2009

Greek Archbishop Ieronymos counts on a close cooperation relationship with the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church 06.03.2009

Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts in Moscow 04.03.2009

Metropolitan Jonah speaks about the tasks of the Orthodox Church in America 03.03.2009

Serbian TV centres cleaned of fortune-tellers, witch doctors, astrologers 26.02.2009

The keys of the Russian property in Bari (Italy) to be handed to Russian President Medvedev at March the 1st, 2009 25.02.2009

A new elected Metropolitan in the Patriarchate of Constantinople 24.02.2009

A Prayer Commemoration of the late Patriarch Alexy II at the day of his birth in Moscow 24.02.2009

Cyprus’s Orthodox Church Session 20.02.2009

A Conference for education of parish priests held in the Monastery Panteli in Greece 20.02.2009

With the blessing of the Athens’s Archbishop Ieronymos

Georgian Patriarch Elijah II back to Georgia at the end of the week 20.02.2009

Orthodox Information Centre in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) 19.02.2009

First Whole-Russian Olympics of the Moscow students in knowledge about the Bases of Orthodox Culture 18.02.2009

Patriarch of Alexandria Theodore the Second visits Cameroon 18.02.2009

A Russian physician measures the еlectric charge at the occurrence of the Holy Fire on Holy Saturday, for the first time in human history 17.02.2009

Patriarch to lead the TV program “The Priest Sermon” on the First Russian TV Channel, for the first time 15.02.2009

Young people to remind the Christian sense of Love at Valentine’s Day – calls in the Russian Church 14.02.2009

Venice returns back relics of three Saints to Greece 12.02.2009

A request to Patriarch Bartholomew to keep reasonable limits in the Dialogue with the Catholics 11.02.2009

The supporters of the legalisation of euthanasia are imposing a “new totalitarianism to the society” – considers the representative of Moscow Patriarchate 10.02.2009

Russian Orthodox Church helps the spreading of Christianity in Africa 09.02.2009

His Holiness, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril headed the Divine Liturgy in the Assembly temple of Holy Assumption 08.02.2009

The Diary book of the late Patriarch Alexy II will be exhibited in the cathedral of the Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour in Moscow 07.02.2009

A Day of the Orthodox Youth will be celebrated in Moscow 06.02.2009

The Crew of the International Space Station gives regards to Russian Patriarch Cyril in the Occasion of his Enthronement 06.02.2009

Georgian Patriarch Elijah II at Medical Examinations in Germany 05.02.2009

Humanitarian Activity of the Greek Orthodox Church 05.02.2009

Speech of His Holiness Cyril, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia 04.02.2009

At his enthronement on February 1st 2009

Greek Orthodox Church sends relics of St. Basil the Great to Romania 04.02.2009

The Patriarch of Constantinople invited Russian Patriarch Cyril to visit Istanbul 03.02.2009

Conference of the Permanent Synod of the Greek Church 02.02.2009

The Enthronement of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril took place in Moscow 01.02.2009

The Children's Bible published in Tatar 31.01.2009

The Elected Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia celebrated Prayer Service in front of Saint Tikhon’s relics in Donski Monastery 31.01.2009

Meteori Monastery Donates to a Kinder-garden 30.01.2009

Karelian Representatives proposing one of the islands in the Valaam Archipelago to be named as His Holiness Patriarch Alexy Island 30.01.2009

The Head of Georgian Orthodox Church released from hospital 30.01.2009

One year Memorial of the death of the Greek Archbishop Hristodulos 29.01.2009

Georgian Patriarch hospitalised 29.01.2009

Speech of the Elected Patriarch Cyril on the General Assembly of the Russian Orthodox Church 28.01.2009

Biography of the Elected Russian Patriarch 28.01.2009

Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kiril, elected for the Moscow Patriarchy throne 27.01.2009

The Session of the General Assembly of the Russian Orthodox Church began in the cathedral of the Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour 27.01.2009

The Patriarch of Constantinople visited his place of birth 26.01.2009

Orthodox Church bishops to elect new Patriarch 25.01.2009

Russia: swimming in icy water on Epiphany 25.01.2009


The Hierarch’s Assembly of the Russian Orthodox Church began in Moscow 25.01.2009

The award “Golden Eagle” granted to the Authors of the film “The Fall of the Empire. Byzantium Lesson” 24.01.2009

The New Greek Minister of Education and Religion Visited the Greek Archbishop 24.01.2009

Washington DC: The Head of the American Orthodox took presence in the march for Protection of Life 24.01.2009

A Church of St. Sofia in Habreen, China 23.01.2009

Russian Church against compromise on belief-preaching with Catholics - Metropolitan Kirill 23.01.2009

The Name Day of the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim Celebrated 22.01.2009

Moscow: Theophany plunging 22.01.2009

Russia: A Weekly School of Theology opened at Sverdlovsk area female prison 21.01.2009

A Special Assembly of the Latvian Orthodox Church took place 21.01.2009

Epiphany in Jerusalem 20.01.2009

The Official web-site of the Hierarchs’ and General Assembly of the Russian Orthodox Church for 2009 opened 20.01.2009

In the Eve of Epiphany 20.01.2009

Metropolitan Cyril served a Vesper Service and Epiphany Water-bless

Georgian Patriarch Elijah II performed the traditional baptising of children coming from multitudinous families at the Holy Epiphany Day 19.01.2009

Sviyazhsk: Orthodox treasures in Muslim republic 19.01.2009

Epiphany Swimming in Moscow 18.01.2009

A School in Byzantium Chanting Founding at St. Tikhon's Orthodox University in Russia 18.01.2009

The Famous French Orthodox Theologian Olivier Clement passed away 17.01.2009

Ceremony on the occasion of 176 years from the death of Saint Seraphim of Sarov in Diveevo 16.01.2009

Greek Orthodox Church takes position regarding the crisis in Gaza 16.01.2009

A CD with Divine Liturgy in Gypsy language edited in Romania 15.01.2009

Before the New Russian Patriarch election, the Church is united, claimed Metropolitan Clement 15.01.2009

40 day have passed since Patriarch Alexy’s decease 14.01.2009

Prayers offered for the unborn victims of abortion at the Moscow Representation of the Orthodox Church in America 14.01.2009

Georgian Patriarch Elijah II claimed Man of the year in Georgia 14.01.2009

A New Whole-Orthodox Meeting at the Isle of Rodos 12.01.2009

Celebration of the Memorial Year of St. Basil the Great and of the other Cappadocian Saints in Romania 12.01.2009

Patriarch Alexy II urged to live the commandments and seek the truth in his last
Christmas message written shortly before his death

The VI Clergy and Laity Assembly of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church finished 18.12.2008

Bells for Macedonian monastery manufacturing in Voronez (Russia) 18.12.2008

Funeral service of the Russian Patriarch Alexy II 09.12.2008

Patriarch of Constantinople Proposes Eastern Catholicism’s Return to Orthodoxy 21.06.2008

The Russian Church considers the Constantinople Patriarchate's policy one of the main threats to Orthodox unity 20.06.2008

The Russian Church considers Constantinople's decision to consecrate new bishops in Estonia as unfriendly 19.06.2008

Romanian Orthodox Church has a news agency 17.06.2008

Metropolitan Laurus Reposes on the Sunday of Orthodoxy 17.03.2008

Alexy II: Do Not Hide Faith in Museums or Church Yards 01.03.2008

Greek Hierarchs will ask for country-wide rallies... 26.02.2008

Youth are Pastoral Priority for Greek Archbishop Ieronymos 24.02.2008

Lecture By Bishop of Diokleia, Metropolitan Kallistos 20.02.2008

Russian Church reunification is main event of 2007 - Alexy II 17.12.2007

Patriarch Alexy II supports idea that Putin becomes PM under Medvedev as president 16.12.2007

Russian Church vows to keep defending rights of Chinese Orthodox 13.12.2007

Finally a mass in the church of Saint Nicholas in Myra 06.12.2007

In a visit of the Greek Archbishop 02.12.2007

Instead of a comment, for the visit of the delegation of Vatican to Istanbul 01.12.2007

That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit

Commentary to the Patriarch Bartholomeos’ Interview 28.11.2007

Wrong travel ticket

From the Greek Archbishop’s Cabinet 25.11.2007

Stable and wise...

The Ravenna Declaration 17.11.2007

Witnessing without power

Holy Martyr Parasceva of Iconium 10.11.2007

Orthodox Saints of Great Britain and Ireland 25.08.2007

The 25th Anniversary of the Repose of Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) 23-08-2007

Patriarch Theophillus of Jerusalem and Metropolitan Vladimyr of Ukraina concelebrate on Mount Tabor 22.08.2007


UNIVERSITY of OXFORD 6th to 11th AUGUST 2007

Holy Transfiguration of Christ in Moscow 19.08.2007

Archbishop Christodoulos Got Discharged 20.07.2007

Second Orthodox Youth Conference in Istanbul 15.07.2007

Treatment of the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece in America 12.07.2007

Orthodox metropolitan: Beijing should allow real religious freedom 12.07.2007

The Pontiff Receives Patriarch of Constantinople's Delegate 20.04.2007

Statements of Metropolitan Ioannis of Pergamum for the Italian daily “La Repubblica”

Beijing 11.03.2007

First week of Great Lent

Orthodoxy in China 10.03.2007

Нistory, current situation and prospects for the Orthodox Church in China

Mount Athos: The Last Fifty Years and the Next 11.02.2007

The Friends of Mount Athos - Third Madingley Hall Conference

“Inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me” (Matt. 25:45) 08.12.2006

A Brief Comment on the Common Declaration by Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Bartholomew I

Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement holds first-ever meeting in Alaska 01.11.2006

Columbia University for the first time hosts a Divine Liturgy in the Church Slavic language 12.10.2006

October – a blessed month for the Romanians 12.10.2006

Ecumenial Patriarch Vartholomaios... 17.08.2006

Orthodox in Russia mark the feast of Saint Vladimir the Baptizer 28.07.2006

The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church passes a decision to consecrate five new episcopes 21.07.2006

Russia 17.07.2006

Services in honor of the Holy Royal Martyrs

Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople on a visit to Brazil 17.07.2006

Patriarch of Alexandria to meet with the Patriarch of Antioch in August this year 09.07.2006

Restoration of the Sinai mosaic “The Transfiguration of Christ” 09.07.2006

Commissions of Moscow Patriarchate and Russian Church Outside Russia agree upon all points of Act of Restoration of Canonical Unity 01.07.2006

His Holiness Patriarch Alexy meets with Greek foreign minister 01.07.2006

Hierarch of the Russian Church Outside of Russia gives part of the relics of the venerable martyrs Elizabeth and Barbara to the Diocese of Vladikavkaz of the Moscow Patriarchate 27.06.2006

The seventh working meeting in Moscow 26.06.2006

Ceremonies in honor of the holy Apostle Paul in Athens 25.06.2006

Archbishop Christodoulos in Phanar 25.06.2006

Delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church visits Greece 23.06.2006

The Primate of the Russian Church meets with Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany (ROCOR) and Bishop Feofan of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz 21.06.2006

Solemn welcome of the relics of Saint Arsenius of Elasona in Greece 21.06.2006

Meeting with archimandrite Eliseus of the monastery of Simonos Petra (Mount Athos) 17.06.2006

At St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris

Delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church visits Ethiopia 17.06.2006

Zagreb 17.06.2006

Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church opens

Moscow Patriarchate handed particles of Saint Arsenius’ relics to the Greek Orthodox Church 10.06.2006

Russian Church celebrates the enthronement day of Patriarch Alexis II of Russia 10.06.2006

Moscow Patriarchate takes part in discussions about the relations between Russia and the European Union 10.06.2006

In Brussels

Jerusalem Patriarch on a visit to Greece 07.06.2006

Patriarch Theophilus met with Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens

Plans to renew the Valaam monastery 05.06.2006

Under the aegis of Patriarch Alexis of Russia

Metropolitan Cyril of Smolensk and Kaliningrad met with the Jerusalem Patriarch 05.06.2006

International campaign for revival of Agia Sophia in Istanbul as an Orthodox shrine 02.06.2006

Saint John the Baptist’s right hand to be brought to Russia from Montenegro on June 7 31.05.2006

Moscow 31.05.2006

Anti-abortion action on the territory of the Annunciation church in Peter’s Park

Mount Athos Treasures for the second time in Thessalonica 31.05.2006

Patriarch of Jerusalem on a visit to Fanar 30.05.2006

Patriarch of Alexandria visits Greece 30.05.2006

Orel (Russia) 30.05.2006

Educational forum in memory of St. Theophanes the Recluse

Commemoration of Professor Totju Koev 29.05.2006

The new Archbishop of the Czech Lands and Slovakia enthroned 29.05.2006

Fifty Georgian Muslims receive Holy baptism in Batumi (Georgia) 29.05.2006

The Head of the Orthodox Church of Finland on a visit to Armenia 27.05.2006

Set date for the election of a new head of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus 27.05.2006

The Romanian Orthodox Church canonizes a new Saint 24.05.2006

Minsk cathedral enshrines relics of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker 23.05.2006

Meeting of the Russian Patriarch Alexis II with hierarchs of the Bulgarian Church 23.05.2006

All-Diaspora Council with a majority of votes declares for union with the Moscow Patriarchate 12.05.2006

Turkish nationalists interrupt the sermon of Patriarch of Constantinople 12.05.2006

Heads of local Orthodox Churches call for establishment of unity between the Russian Church Outside of Russia and the Moscow Patriarchate 12.05.2006

Athonite monks call the participants of the All-Diaspora Council “to overcome the division that opposes God’s justice” 10.05.2006

Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA) in the cathedral of Saint Sabas in New York 10.05.2006

His Holiness Patriarch Alexis II of Moscow and All Russia extends greetings to Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens on the enthronement anniversary 09.05.2006

The feast of Saint George the Victor in the Antiochian Orthodox Church 08.05.2006

International Festival of Orthodox Music 06.05.2006

The third “Holy Mother of God – It Is Truly Meet” Festival of Orthodox Music to be held in Bulgaria

Moscow Patriarchate has never ratified the so-called Balamond Agreement with the Catholics 06.05.2006

The IV All-Diaspora Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia opens in San Francisco 06.05.2006

His Holiness Patriarch Paul of Serbia discharged from hospital 06.05.2006

Mount Athos 06.05.2006

Festive celebrations of the church feast of the Bulgarian Athonite monastery “St. George of Zographou”

Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria hospitalized again 05.05.2006

Statement by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople regarding Turkey’s entry into the European Union 05.05.2006

Archbishop Christopher elected a new Head of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia 03.05.2006

Halki Theological Seminary 02.05.2006

Its refusal to open the Orthodox Seminary on the island of Halki is not an obstacle to Turkey’s entry into the European Union, Turkish FM says

Vartholomaios backs mosque 02.05.2006

Georgia to renew the ancient Georgian monastery in Cyprus founded by Empress Tamar 02.05.2006

Moscow Patriarchate marks the formation of the largest Russian Diaspora in Europe 02.05.2006

Informs Interfax

Meeting of the Southeast France Orthodox Brotherhood 28.04.2006

“Pascha in Russia” exhibition 27.04.2006

Patriarch Alexis II of Russia has participated in the opening of the paschal exhibition, which among else exhibits paschal drawings and cards of the children of Nicholas II

On April 30, the Russian Orthodox Church is to perform a Memorial Service for the Chernobyl tragedy victims 27.04.2006

Patriarch Bartholomew celebrates the Paschal Divine Liturgy in the cathedral of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate 26.04.2006

Moscow 25.04.2006

The graceful fire descends in the church of the Holy Sepulcher 22.04.2006

Serbian Patriarch Pavle hospitalized in Belgrade 15.04.2006

Serbian daily Politika informs

Regular liturgical life for the spiritual children of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Paris 14.04.2006

Moscow bakers to bake 1.5 million Easter cakes for Pascha 14.04.2006

Jerusalem 14.04.2006

Some fear ousted Greek patriarch Irenaios will disrupt next week’s Easter ‘Holy Fire’ ceremony

The Holy Synod of the ROC calls for restoration of the institution of military clergy 13.04.2006

Georgia: The Patriarchate appeals for willow tree protection 13.04.2006

The feast of the Annunciation celebrated in Nazareth with festive worship 12.04.2006

Israeli Military Unit storms Greek Orthodox Patriarchate HQ in Jerusalem 12.04.2006

The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church has enthroned Episcope of the Giurgiu diocese (southeast Romania) the Right Reverend Ambrose of Sinai, formerly the Patriarch’s assistant Episcope 12.04.2006

Enthronement of the Orthodox Archbishop of Preshov, Slovakia 11.04.2006

The clergymen of the Eastern Canadian Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia declare pro unity with the Moscow Patriarchate 11.04.2006

The Greek Church hesitates to recognize a saint the monk whose body was found intact 11.04.2006

In the church of Saint Nicholas near Orenburg (Russia) the icon of Saint Macarius Kvitkin exudes myrrh 10.04.2006

The monastery catacombs to be preserved by relocation of the main motorway of Sarov 09.04.2006

The Sarov monastery will be renovated after its authentic appearance, and this undertaking is to include relocation of the main motorway of the city of Sarov (Nizhniy Novgorod region in Russia).

Vavilis is ready to reveal names 08.04.2006

In Kharkov the exhibition “Orthodox Ukraine” opens again 08.04.2006

The Romanian Orthodox Church welcomes the Government’s decision to cancel the “Dracula Park” project 08.04.2006

Photographs of duke Vlad Tepes’ castle

The Annunciation celebrations in Moscow 07.04.2006

“The Heavenly Queen intercedes for all of us before God’s throne…” (from the sermon of Patriarch Alexy II)

In Moscow the tenth World Russian People’s Council takes place 07.04.2006

Main theme of the Council: “Faith, Man, Earth. Russia’s Mission in the 21st Century”

The first Russian Orthodox church in Rome to be consecrated on April 19 07.04.2006

In Geneva, in May, the four oldest patriarchates along with hierarchs of the Church of Cyprus are to decide on the election of the new Archbishop of Cyprus 06.04.2006

In Alexandria consecration of the reconstructed church of the Holy Annunciation and opening of the new residency of the Alexandrian Patriarchs 06.04.2006

In Helsinki an exhibition of the Athonite cultural legacy to be opened in August 06.04.2006

On the occasion of Finland’s presidency of the European Union